Artero Blanc Shampoo

Artero Blanc Shampoo

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Chromatic action that depending on the colour of the coat, bleaches or darkens the hairs. 

Specially formulated for dogs with white, black and grey coats.

  • Helps to intensify natural colors
  • Eliminates yellow tones on white coats
  • Very got on vegetable surface active agents
  • Ideal for sensitive skin or frequent washing 
  • Antiseptic And relaxing action produces a balsamic effect
  • Leaves coats looking shiny and bright

Key Components -

  • Vitamin A : Formation and maintenance  of the skin
  • Vitamin F : Maintains a natural defence barrier for the skin
  • Horse Chestnut : Protection for the skin and external to hair
  • Chamomile Extract : Provides smoothing principles for the skin.
  • Est. D&C : Eliminates yellow tones, fills it with luminosity and intensifies black 

PH Level 5.5


Made in Spain